PT. ANEKA INDOMAKMUR or better known by the community as AIM Biscuits was established in 1995 and started operating in 1996. The first products manufactured are biscuits under the brand "KANGGURU" aimed at the middle to lower segment, then developed the brand "AIM" to meet needs of the upper middle segment. This national-scale company produces biscuits for consumption by the national market and the rest is exported to other countries.   AIM Biscuits is distributed nationwide and handled by more than 20 distributing agents throughout Indonesia. Some excellent products of AIM Biscuits include: Roasted Corn, Toasty Cheese, Square Puff, Cream Crackers, Crispy Crackers and Coconut Biscuits. The main advantages lie in taste, competitive price, periodic innovation based on research and market observation. AIM Biscuits is preparing a dedicated team for the promotion of its new product without leaving a team focused on products that have been outstanding. Marketing strategy that is currently used by AIM Biscuits is to give priority to direct promotion to end users who realized by holding special events through the promotion of SPG in supermarkets and even went directly to the market. To maintain quality, AIM Biscuits has obtained SNI certificate and using the best wheat flour as an effort to maintain the quality of its products. In order to meet the increasing market demand, AIM Biscuits continuously improves in every production. We are aware as a food producer, we are required to be able to provide products with excellent quality and we are sure we can, because our production process has strict supervision standards so that the products produced are safe and hygienic. All AIM Biscuits products are accompanied by MD certification from Badan POM and also HALAL MUI certification.

Company Name PT. Aneka Indo Makmur (Industri Makanan)
Contact Name PT. Aneka Indo Makmur (Industri Makanan)
Email [email protected]
Tel +62 31 8910560
Country Indonesia
Address Jl. Surowongso 415 A Karang Bong, Gedangan Sidoarjo 61254, Jawa Timur – INDONESIA