poultry equipment manufacturer in Turkey

AYTAV Poultry Equipment, located in İstanbul ( European side), is one of the largest poultry equipment manufacturer in Turkey with over 30 years experience.  AYTAV is the first company  in Turkey to produce demountable Livestock transporting coops.   AYTAV has more than 300 products for poultry : Chicken transporting coops( demountable), Chick transport boxes,  Egg transport systems, Inqubation equipments, manuel and automatic feeders and drinkers for breeder, Layer and Broiler rearing with other accecories used in the farms. Cooling, Heating, Ventilating systems are also available. To meet the needs of customers in local and international markets, AYTAV grow production plants continuously. With the know-how and experience, the company started to offer turn-key poultry farms in 2010. AYTAV built more than 200 turn-key farms in Turkey and around the world since 2010. Today the company exports its Products to 60 countries around the world.

Company Name AYTAV
Contact Name AYTAV
Email [email protected]
Tel +90 212 682 00 15
Website http://www.aytav.com.tr
Country Turkey
Address Oruç Reis Mah. Tekstilkent Cad. Koza Plaza A-Blok Kat 10 İç Kapı: 101 Esenler, 24235 İstanbul-Türkiye